The craft process of making any jewelry varies according to the part that will be executed. Prior planning is necessary to avoid loss of material and minimize the runtime.

Here is an example of the process to make a money clip or tie clip.

First, the metal is melted at high temperatures to be transformed into fluid then it is transported to an ingot which is pre-selected according to the purpose of the jewel to be executed (ring, necklace, pair of earrings, etc.)

In this case, the ingot selected was for a plate shape. Once the metal is cold it is literally beaten several times in order to eliminate any material that does not belong to the metal that it´s being used.

After these processes the plate is then laminated to reach the desired thickness for the execution of the jewelry.

The plate is cut into the desired size and then is abraded and polished repeatedly until the appropriate finish.

Thereafter, the graphic art is initiated; in this case bamboos were drawn as illustration.

The technique used in this art was the corrosion by acid.

Finished the process where the drawing was "recorded" on the metal by the acid, the metal is bent into the desired shape.

Finally the silver jewelry is plated in a 18k yellow gold.

The money clip is finished and was placed inside a box, ready to be delivered to the customer.


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